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About us

Detective Poland

30 years of experience. Professional team. Modern technology and equipment.

Who are we?

We have been active in the private investigation sector since the early 90s. In 1991 detective Jacek Orzechowski established a company, which was the foundation for todays’ business.
Biuro Bezpieczeństwa Biznesu (Safety Business Office) is a trade mark of EuroDetektyw.

Behind the name there are thousands of solved cases (and this is not just a slogan- we have really counted them) and over twenty experienced co-workers- also ex state services officers.
Thanks to our extensive cooperation network, which we have built over many years, we can offer our services across the whole of Europe.

Our support, discretion and professionalism have placed us as no. 1 among the private investigation offices in north-western Europe.


We see through everything.

Employees, business partners, offices, unfair competition.
Nothing can hide from us.