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Wiretap detection 

Wiretap detection 

Wiretap detection

The development of technology and easy access to wiretaps enables the growth of espionage.

Radio and GPS wiretaps are the most popular methods in order to gain information about the companies’ internal activities.

If you suspect that:

› Your company has become the point of interest for someone
› There might be a wiretap installed in your company
› Business ideas, strategies and confidential data might be systematically stolen from your company
› You might lose the solutions and know-how, which you have been working on for years
› The intellectual property of your company is at risk

Order the detection of the wiretaps.

This allows you to be certain that your business is secure, and if your suspicions are confirmed- thanks to the quick reaction you will avoid bigger loses.

How to detect the wiretap?

It is not difficult to install and hide the wiretap. It is much more difficult to detect it. In order to do so, it is necessary to use highly qualified specialists and their professional equipment, which:

- will identify the wiretap in rooms, offices, cars and computers
- will check all the phone lines- mobile, fax and internet for the presence of wiretaps
- efficiently remove all the data collecting devices

The invigilation technics are getting more and more sophisticated. Hidden in watches, sockets, surge protectors or the printer charger. These cannot be identified by the human eye. In such cases the use of dedicated wiretaps detectors is required.

As a leader among the private investigation and business intelligence firms in north-western Poland, we are dedicated to investing in the latest technology solutions. Enabling us to always stay ahead of fraudsters and the competition.

About wiretap detection

The detection of wiretaps is completely legal, does not cause any damage and is not problematic for the customer. The business can usually stay fully operational during the check. The check itself consists not only of the basic examinations, which are measurements in the walls, floors and ceilings, but also measurements in the power grid, telephone network and checking radio wave emissions. All the equipment is checked, without the need for it to be dismantled or destroyed.
Based on our experience we know that it is especially essential to check new offices or those recently renovated, as well as those that have been recently re-opened after a long period of closure. Particularly if the premises are used to conduct confidential meetings and discussions.

The detection of wiretaps is one of the best investments to ensure the security of your company!


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