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Employees verification

Checking on the employees

employee verification

Did you know that theft of data and property, destruction of materials, financial fraud and forgeries are the most common violations committed by employees? 

The way to prevent such illegal practices, is to check the credibility of the employee- so called background screening. In order to do that we perform the following:

Polygraph tests

The lie detector is a great tool to be used within the business. It allows a quick and efficient way to verify: loyalty and honesty, the attitude of the employee towards theft and other illegal actions, also their tendencies to conduct such actions.

Thanks to professionally performed polygraph tests:

- You will find out whether you are employing the right person
- Check whether your employee is aiding your competition
- Discover the people responsible for illegal actions
- Gain confidence in the decisions you are making

About the test

The polygraph test is a completely legal procedure for conducting checks on your personnel. It can only be performed upon the employee’s approval, and it’s effectiveness is between 95-98%.
The tests we offer are performed with the highest due diligence, using modern technology, and done by one of the leading specialists in this field in Poland.

The details of the tests are always agreed upon in advance with the customer. The subjects that can be tested relate to: honesty, connections to criminal organisations and activity, conflicts in previous workplaces, loyalty etc. Polygraph tests are a good way to check on the information provided, which cannot be verified by other methods.
The principal receives the result of the test- the written report, prepared by the expert and it is for their confidential use.

Checks on employees

It is essential to know what is going on in the company in order to take the right decisions and lead the company in the best possible way.

If there is a suspicion that the employees:

Are acting against the company and its interest e.g.: providing competition with crucial information
Are stealing the company’s property and belongings
Are taking over confidential data and customer base in order to start their own business
it is important to act discreetly, but quickly and efficiently.

Our team, by using the professional equipment, will monitor the employees’ actions, in order to verify whether the suspicions are reasonable. If so, we will provide our customer with the necessary evidence and all the evidence gathered, which will enable further actions.

Verifying the information declared by the employees

Did you know that four out of five employees provide false data in their CVs?

Forged diplomas, exaggerated information about previous work experience, false reasons given for leaving previous jobs. Inaccuracies in the CV, means lost time during the recruitment process, or even worse can lead to the loss of confidential data, money and tarnish the reputation of the company.

Thanks to many years of private investigation experience, we can easily verify the data included in the CV, confirm the authenticity of the other documents and check the qualifications declared by the employee.


We see through everything.

Employees, business partners, offices, unfair competition.
Nothing can hide from us.