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Protection of confidential data 

We x-ray the unfair competition

Security companies

Corporate knowledge and its secrets are the capital of the company and provide competitive advantage.

The same can be said for the brand and intellectual property- patents, industrial designs, trademarks, copyrights,- even though they are intangible properties- they have a significant value. Their disclosure or unauthorised usage can lead to imitation or unfair competition.

If your competition is counterfeiting your products, offering products suspiciously similar to yours or you are losing your key customers unexpectedly - use our professional investigators to stop the damage.

We secure your business`s confidential information by:

- finding out the person/company being responsible for production, marketing, distribution and sales of the counterfeit products
- identifying the suppliers of components and producers of packaging of the counterfeit products
- finding out evidence of the unfair competition e.g. by a controlled purchase or by audio-video recording and more 


We see through everything.

Employees, business partners, offices, unfair competition.
Nothing can hide from us.