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Business intelligence

X-raying business partners

Business intelligence

Business report

It’s a great tool, if you want to:

- Check the creditability of the business partner and check on the subject of transaction
- Verify the material status and financial condition of the potential business partners
- Identify any unfair competition
- Minimize the business risk

When heading a business, you know how crucial it is to have access to reliable information about business partners, subcontractors and competition. In order to make strategic decisions, it is essential to have knowledge about the legal and financial state of your contractors.

How does it work?

Step 1- Databases
The intelligence gathered is used to prepare business reports about companies and people, based on our continuously maintained database, but also based on invoicing , insurance and banking companies’ databases. In case the public information is insufficient, we gain access to other data, necessary to perform the creditability check of the company.

Step 2- On-site verification
In order to check the company, our investigation specialists will perform on-site verification, meet with customers and competition etc.- also incognito, if necessary.

Step 3- Report
All the collected data is analysed and developed into a report. Each report individually prepared, based on the specific enquiry, which means that all information in the report is authentic and reflects the current situation. The report is obviously confidential for the customer.

Thanks to the broad experience and professional preparation, we can guarantee that the investigations and business audits will be performed professionally and discreetly.

Are you interested in the companies from different countries?
Our intelligence is maintaining instant cooperation with partners from Europe and based on that, preparing reports about companies not only based in Poland.


We see through everything.

Employees, business partners, offices, unfair competition.
Nothing can hide from us.